North Adams Schools - US 224 reminders

This information was posted to the North Adams Community Schools facebook page on August 11, 2017. This is great information for our entire community to be mindful of.



Please be advised that construction on US Hwy 224 will now require our main high school entrance at the corner of US Hwy 224 and Jackson Street to remain closed through the remainder of Phase III of the road construction. The tentative plan for scheduled completion is October 2017. During this time, the school and city are committed to pedestrian safety in route to and from school grounds before and after school hours.

Through the completion of the road construction project, we wish to advise walkers to utilize the following points where we believe there to be the highest level of safety and support:

Bellmont Middle School Entrance
School Resource Officer Kevin Gerber will be stationed at the corner of Monroe Street and North Adams Drive, at the Bellmont Middle School entrance to assist students/walkers in need of crossing Monroe Street onto school grounds.

Harvester Lane/Ogg Street
A city official will be stationed at the corner of Harvester Lane and Ogg Street (across from Straton) to aid students/walkers crossing Monroe Street and entering school grounds through Ogg Street.

Riverside Center/Water Treatment Plant
Please note no adult will be present at this cross point – however, at this corner, traffic to and from the west side of Decatur prohibits east bound traffic providing a path for students to cross. We encourage students to cross as far east as possible, crossing in front of the construction barricade and walking via the sidewalk in front of the automotive center on the corner of US 224 and Monroe Street. (No traffic will be headed east, allowing students to cross on the east side of the detour.)

1: A new speed limit has been posted for those driving on Monroe Street.
2: Traffic will be allowed to only turn right out of Bellmont Middle School between 7:30-8:30 AM and 2:30-3:30 PM. (No left turns will be allowed.) BE AWARE OF ALL CHANGES AND FOLLOW ALL TRAFFIC SIGNS.

We ask that all drivers help ensure that students/walkers remain safe during these next few months. Please drive slowly and carefully and watch for children at all times. Monroe Street will be extremely busy with increased traffic in and out of town and your attention to children and your surroundings is greatly appreciated.

We ask you to please speak with your students about the importance of driving cautiously in and out of school grounds, at all times, and encourage them to practice courteous and safe driving practices throughout the school year.

Please also help us by encouraging your student walkers to access school grounds via one of the above, nearest cross points. Their safety is our biggest priority and we wish to provide the safest means for them to enter school grounds. Crossing at the designated points above will help improve traffic flow and safety for all guests, visitors and school members.

We do reserve the right to change crossing locations to meet the needs of our pedestrians and traffic. Please watch for further updates and information that may be shared during the next couple of weeks.

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