Citizen Reporting Tool


The City of Decatur has implemented a new online reporting system that will allow citizens to report non-emergency maintenance issues.

Through this reporting system, citizens can alert city departments to issues such as:


Tall grass/weeds ordinance violations

Trash concerns

Parks equipment/conditions

Storm drain clogs on city streets

Water pressure

When accessing the system, users should be prepared to enter in their name, email address, location of the issue and detail of the issue. Your email address is required so that you can be contacted if additional information is needed. The system also will allow you to upload a photograph of the issue, making it easier for city employees to locate and address the issue.

“The reporting system should be a great tool for everyone in the community,” Mayor Ken Meyer said. “Reporting a non-emergency problem is now much easier, and the issue will get to the correct department to allow for a quick turnaround to resolving reported issues.”

This tool should be used for non-emergencies only, and for valid concerns about city property or utilities. For an emergency, please dial 911. For a water leak, call 724-5345.

The Decatur Citizen Reporting System – represented by the blue and green logo included in this release – can be accessed through the city’s website at, or on the city’s facebook page. Users may “proceed as a guest” when reaching the reporting system home page. Users also have the option to sign-in, a feature that will allow users to keep their address and location information for repeat reporting to the site.

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